Hyper Local Search Engine Optimization

Innovative strategies to target your local audience

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We're different than other SEO agencies

We've leveraged our deep industry experience to create a proprietary, multidimensional and scientific approach we call the VZ Flo. Our unique formula not only harnesses search engine algorithms but also their underlying engineered structures*, ensuring hyper-local targeting that drives significant, sustainable results.

* a significant factor that makes us more effective than our competition
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What we have and our competitors do not


We created a network graph of all digital properties on the internet. A sub graph of what we see on Google and began researching it.

VZ Flo Graph Image


As a result of our research we applied our learnings from this network graph to a business marketing problem which achieved significant economic results. With our assumptions validated, we began applying the graph to new problems with similar results.

VZ Flo Graph Image


We opened up our lab for a small set of clients and began studying this graph for solutions to their hyper local search engine optimization problems and quickly experienced significant results.

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2024 & Beyond

With our solution refined for efficiency and scale we are now releasing access to a limited group of new clients with local search engine optimization needs.

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We built our own tools for the job

Flo Graph

VZ Flo Graph Image
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